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Mythra top




Dress meaningfully with this silk-front top and cotton back. A relaxed fit, feeling like a breathe of fresh air on your skin. The front is printed with the Mythologica illustration collection created by Alice and inspired by Iulia Gorneanu's stories. The t-shirt comes with a mini print of the illustration and its story on the back.

"Our ancestors, long time before their Christianing, celebrated - without being a coincidence - on the 25th of December The Birth of the Unconquered Sun/Natalis Solis Invincit. According to the old calendar, this date marked the winter solstice, time when the days grew and the Sun resurrected after having conquered the dark once again." Iulia Gorneanu

Legend has it that Mythra, the son of the mighty Sun (or God) was born from a solid rock. In some texts it's stated that wild animals assisted his amazing birth, among which the faithfull dog and serpent accompanied him throughout his entire life. With time, the two celebrations - the birth of the god Mithra and that of Jesus Christ overlapped, but the grandour of this beautiful celebration has always been the same." Iulia Gorneanu

Composition: 50% crepe de chine silk, 50% cotton

Cleaning: handwash at max. 30 degrees Celsius

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